jonshutt web developer


I'm Jon. I build websites (and apps!).

I've worked for global charities, branding agencies and government departments. I've built websites big and small. I studied multimedia design at the University of Sunderland when Flash was a new thing. I ran my own web design / development company in New Zealand for a few years. I am now back in Edinburgh, currently contracting to VisitScotland.


When the senior front end developer took three months off, VisitScotland contracted me to cover the position. After three months their developer came back, but they wanted to keep me on for a further four months to help with new website project.

Mountaineering Club Site

After looking for options for the Carndearg Mountaineering club website, I decided just to build my own complete solution that would cover everything we needed!

Smith Brands

Arriving back in the UK after five years on the other side of the globe, I joined Smith Brands for a four month project.

Campsite Saver

Scotland has some great skiing, but to check the conditions you currently need to go to a website to check. An app could be useful. So I built one. 

The Open Polytechnic (NZ)

The Open Polytechnic were looking for experts in SilverStripe CMS, so offered me a six month contract, then another 6 months... 


When I moved to Scotland in 2004, I started climbing the Munros. I soon lost track of the ones I'd climbed, and started a simple spreadsheet. This simple list quickly grew into, a website with nearly 5000 users. I recently published a mobile app too.

Snow Conditions Scotland

Want to check the Scottish snow conditions? Take quick look at Want that info on hand when you head to hills? Download the app.


I ran a web design business in Wellington, New Zealand called Future Web.