Hi there. I'm Jon. I build websites.

I studied graphic design at college before going on to study multimedia design at the University of Sunderland. After a year in Canada, six years in Scotland, then five years in New Zealand, I am now back in the UK and based in Edinburgh.

I have over twelve years experience in the web design/development field, and have worked for small businesses, design agencies, freelance and as a contractor on large government projects. My key strength is my ability to quickly understand a new project, scope and plan new tasks and work productively and efficiently.



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Visit Scotland

I joined Visit Scotland on a three month contract as a front end developer. During this time I've worked on a number of websites and interactions.

Scottish Thistle Awards


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Smith Brands

Arriving back in the UK after five years in New Zealand, I joined Smith Brands as an all round web developer. 

As well as developing a large financial management system, I build a number of websites.

Hamilton and Colvin

Scottish Futures Trust Business Plan

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Open Polytechnic Responsive


Re-design and build responsive template for the Open Polytechnic for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Create an interactive  'Qualification Planner' which recommends study plans for students. There is also an interactive version that takes into account a students past studies, prerequisites and courses availability to create personal, and customisable study plans.

Open Polytechnic

Study Planner example

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Munro Map

Munromap.co.uk is a personal project that has grown from a simple online list which I used to keep track of 'the Munros' I have bagged, to a large online community with over 4000 users.

I am currently developing a mobile App that is a companion to the site, allowing users to sync their online accounts with their phone, and have access to maps and stats offline.


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I worked freelance for a couple of years, before moving on to mainly taking on contract roles. 

Freelance work involves everything - meeting clients, discussing projects, time management and budgeting, as well as design, build and hosting of complete websites.